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ukraine. international observers kicked out. >> a high-stakes chess match and few are certain how it will end. u.s. has played a lead role in trying to stave off an all-out war. back home, debate over how far we are willing to go. >> would you support dividing arms to the ukraine? >> that would be a presidential decision. >> we spoke with tim kaine after the decision to increase joint exercises in poland. services andarmed foreign relations committee relations committee. if there was talk about military intervention there, we would know. >> instead he said sanctions could do the trick but work best when other countries back them and few are stepping up. -- he is running a government where if you are an opponent, rock and he does not like, you go to jail. a country who does something he does not like, he engages in military activity. there is not reasoning with him. >> the secretary john kerry was able -- unable to get both sides to the targeting table. >> all parties agreed today it is important to try to resolve the issues through dialogue. >> ending back to the idea of trying to
's invasion of ukraine, international leaders are questioning the timing of this demonstration. as the test was taking police russian president began taking steps that could deescalate the tension including pulling russian troops back from the border. he claims the soldiers surrounding crimea are volunteers. the obama administration is questioning that statement. >> he can throw a lot of words out there. the facts are he's not abiding by that principle. >> russia has been working hard to create a pretense for being able to invade further. >> many in congress are ready to freeze russian assets if there's no pull out from crimea. putin said he would retailuate by holding his company's oil shipment. >>> a teen attacked the man on saturday night. investigators say there was a late night party under way when the teens were asked to move their car. one teen began beating him and pushed him down the hill. he underwent emergency brain surgery. police did arrest a teen. because he's a minor his name is not being released. >>> a candle light vigil for a teenage girl hit and killed by train. hundreds
or provocation and intimidation to describe but lost out when talking about ukraine's internal leaders he had nothing but praise by using words like high aspirations hope and democracy week and then the russian federation's act of aggression. the russian god. out of excuses. friday instead of udon. false oaths intimidation. and provocations. us officials i also did i announced that the us will involve one billion dollars in duty to ukraine. i am helping hide the country gets back to get back on its feet in the meantime that the interim government. i said recently that it will need thirty five billion dollars over the next two years to avoid the fact that some of that secretary carries harsh words against russia has an absurdly raised eyebrows and be so buy a cd by causing many to call them and i a hypocrite because specifically on sunday as secretary terry ryan said that i was lecturing russia saying you can just unbeaten other country on completely trumped up reasons for um pretax as many would say excuse me but the united states that in fact do that though with the war in iraq and is done i
international to go at the site. despite the current instability in ukraine the friendly match between the us in ukraine is to go ahead inside. the sixty was originally due to the plate the car keys but events for the real thing after much negotiation the much feared to have dinner on the cap. in addition the dating site we would not travel with and the federation coldness and set them up to go ahead. i don't know why they change the mind. the doc will serve as a force the pc in ukraine according to the country's new sports minister. of the friendliest of the stately cartwright will see to leave madrid while russia and potato mimi at the craft. england take on debt market wednesday and france that little on the coldest in the french capital wilco prints for sale or inaction against south africa and one of the funnest it seems to brazil belgium lady i'd weekends the cookies taking down fast ahead of the football world cup in brazil. but with one hundred days to get to full real estate uses still under construction and infrastructure problems says sharon about caffeine the general secretary adm
in the eastern ukrainian region of crimea are not russian forces. >> we believe that the problem in ukraine comes from the international community's lack of reaction. it failed to find a concerted response to demonstrations against the ukrainian government , protests that violated severely the ukrainian constitution. voices from abroad didn't just fail to react to some encouraged and even instigated the movement. russian foreign minister is also in paris today, sitting down with u.s. secretary of state john kerry. ukrainian foreign minister already met with his french counterpart in paris. let's listen. >> it was aggression from the russian side in crimea. but it is now time to think about the way out, and it is not only about ukraine, but the future of russia, how russia will do with what it did to ukraine. arance's position -- it is firm position against the russian intervention. forthat the same time, dialogue. we are going to do our best to establish a dialogue and find solutions to this unacceptable situation. ,uccess is not at all certain but we are going to dedicate all of our energy to th
: president obama says there is a quote strong believe russia's action in -- ukraine violate international law. >> i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> reporter: earlier russian soldiers firing warning shots as unarmed ukrainian troops marches toward them. >> what's happening there is not based on actually concern for russian nationals or russian speakers inside of ukraine but is based on russia seeking through force to exert influence on a neighboring country. >> president obama speaking as sec it aof stair john kerry is in kiev for those killed. and calling for russia to deescalate the situation. >> if it's not willing to work protect i will with the government of ukraine, then our partners will have absolutely no choice but to join us to continue to expand upon steps we have taken in recent days in order to isolate russia politically, and economicically. >> reporter: president obama and secretary kerry's word come after all proposed aid package. a 1 billion-dollar loan guarantee to help the struggle economy. >>> wall street rallied today as investors sensed an easing tension in ukraine.
. >> kerry said yesterday in ukraine's capital that russia broke international law, but there's no need over the violation. >> president obama and i want to make it clear to russia and to everybody in the world that we are not seeking confrontation. it is not appropriate to invade a country and at the end of a barrel of the gun dictate what you are trying to achieve. that is not 21st century g8 major nation behavior. >> margaret brennan is at the palace where secretary kerry is getting ready to sit down with russia's top diplomat. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, and good morning to the west coast. russia's top diplomat is here in paris, but it's not clear whether or not he'll meet with ukraine's foreign minister. secretary of state john kerry had hoped to get the two talking to find a peaceful way out. kerry will meet himself with lavrov later today, and his message is that there is a way out. the u.s. is asking russia to send troops back to their bases, accept international monitors and endorse may elections to set up a new ukrainian government. t
in ukraine and how does it match the international agreements? military -- are the military exercises that just took place related to the use of military force? i would like to ask about crimea. are they still a threat to russian citizens ? it is -- is a developing for the better or for the worse? >reuters. if you make a decision to bring such asorces -- economic and global security or a wider isolation of russia, which the russian -- western politicians have been voicing. >> please do not hurry. do not rush it. on the decision -- did you whatt as your response -- were the consequences for the economics? what kind of emergency measures are required? also do you believe the central bank decisions -- perhaps you need to cancel that decision or suspended? >> i will start replying to these questions. i will reply in as detail as possible. what is my assessment of what happened in the ukraine and key have -- kiev? inassessment is it unconstitutional overthrow and arms seizure of power. seizure of power. no one has challenge that. for me, there is a big question. colleagues cany reply to it
in principal to deploy international observers to ukraine. the idea is to ease concerns after president putin indicated he was worried about those in ukraine. an excuse very few in washington are buying. >> we don't accept anything that president putin said as fact about why they had to protect the so-called ethnic minority in crimea. the other reasons that the russians have laid out as to why they took the action they did. >> joining me now foreign affairs reporter from paris is traveling with secretary kerry and as well joined by the chief national security correspondent. to you first. we know that kerry has spoken to russia's foreign minster. do we have any details about that meeting today? what has come out of it? >> he met with the minster three times, 50 with a group of others from chance, britain, germany, then later he huddled with the foreign minster and then they just wrapped up about a one-hour meeting in annest to get diplomatic track going. they wanted to sit down from britain, france and germany and try to get the process going and get the monitors on the ground. we are told tha
and russia continue. >>> the international community is moving quickly to try and shore up ukraine's economy. john kerry law officered $1 billion worth of help. today the e.u. say they will provide $15 billion in grants and said. >> it is designed to assist inclusive reforms for the ukrainian government. >> the ims is also in tound and will have tough conditions. it is really a measure of how seriously they take the immediate task of preventing the collapse of this economy, and it's already in a bad way. now the news today is quiet. the russians appear to be consolidating their control down there. you remember yesterday vladamir putin said they don't plan to annex that peninsula. they describe the actions down there as not only a threat to ukraine, but a threat to world piece. he also said that the ukrainian government is in touch with the russian government and they're talking. so clearly there is some diplomacy there. >>> ian. thank you. >>> a tough morning commute for many people this morning. b.a.r.t. had to shut down three stations for most of the morn. christie smith, you talk todd a l
.driven by strong men putin and in the middle ukrain ukraine. the peninsula and international tug of war. and late today abc news tale of massive military convoy for more than an hour. 40 vehicle with russian license plate stretching for miles. devin has more. >> thank you thank you. >> on the streets of kiev american top diplomat treated like hero. symbol of u.s. solidarity in the face of cold war style russian intimidation. secretary of state john kerry paid tribute 0ukraine activist killed in last month revolutio revolution. then met with leaders of the new pro western government. from moscow russian president putin called the new regime illegitimate and liken u.s. support to rung experiment on rat. as for the russian speaking soldiers now in full control of parts of southern ukraine, putin claimed they are not his. >> really deny there were troops there. russia has been working hard to create a pre-text for being able to invade further. >>reporter: the white house calls that possibility a glaring red line. that russia already meddling in ukraine against international law. >> facts on
.m.f. to build international support for a package that helps to stabilize ukraine's economy. and today we announced a significant package of our own to support the ukraine's economy and to also provide them with the technical assistance they need. it includes a plan loan guarantee package of $1 billion. it provides immediate technical expertise to ukraine to repair its economy. importantly, it provides for assistance to help ukraine plan for elections that are going to be coming up very soon. as i said yesterday, it is important that congress stand with us. i don't doubt the bipartisan concern that's been expressed about the situation in the ukraine. there is something immediate congress can do to help us. that is to help finance the economic package that could stabilize the economy in ukraine, help to make sure that fair and free elections take place very soon, and as a consequence helps to de-escalate the crisis. in the meantime, we are consulting with our international allies across the board. together, the international community has condemned russia's violation of the territorial int
of the ukraine. let me say russia's actions constitute a violation of international law and the quick response to support ukraine. the senate foreign relations committee is developing a bipartisan support to ukraine and also to pursue a menu of sanctions. you must say what you mean and mean what you say, and that is what we intend to do. i think most of you know what i stand for. you know what i believe in. i have stood with so many. ladies and gentlemen, i have worked on iran. [applause] ladies and gentlemen. i have worked on iran's nuclear issues for 21 years, starting when i was a member of the house, when i found out the united states was sending voluntary contributions to the international atomic energy administration, whose voluntary contributions above membership dues were going to create capacity of the nuclear facility not in the national interest of the united states not in the national interest of the state of israel. for a decade i was told my concerns had no legitimate basis , that iran would never be able to bring the plant online and that iran's nuclear activities were not a maj
on the situation. >> reporter: ongoing battles in syria more than a thousand kilometers away from ukraine. but the crisis in crimea may have an influence on the war that is in its third year. the international community has been trying to bring peace in syria, getting both sides back around the table and persuading them and in particular the syrian government to negotiate properly requires pressure from the u.s. and russia working together. the peace talks and the deal to remove chemical weapons by secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterpart morning foreign minister lavrov. >> reporter: negotiations are at theirs worst at any time begins the cold war. the syrian government is well behind schedule in getting deadly chemical agents out of the country. some believe the assad government may welcome the fact that the world's attention has moved. >> why? because their plate is full with the ukrainian government. and now all their new jersey is in the ukraine. >> reporter: this could be a down side for assad, too. herhe relies on russia. and it could really hurt his war machine. >>
be a turning point in the international standoff over ukraine. >>> the olympics lead -- stop me if this sounds familiar, the white house condemns the russians after they invade a sovereign nation. not ukraine. georgia back in 2008. is president obama's response that different from george w. bush's at that point p. >>> also politics, argue about an issue long enough and sooner or later someone brings up the nazis. hillary clinton comparing putin to adolf hitler. did he go too far? good afternoon, everyone. i'm jake tapper. the word lead, for days now every time that red phone rang the russians have seemingly been checking their caller i.d. and saying it's the americans again, let it go to voice mail. literally, lots of unreturned phone calls between u.s. and russian dips. that changed a short time ago with the highest level diplomatic talks we've witnessed since the crisis began. secretary of state john kerry meeting with his counterpart sergey lavrov this afternoon. from the way kerry later described it the main weapon the u.s. is using against the russians is shame. >> russia's violation of u
package through the international monetary fund. we have to stabilize the economy of ukraine which is on near collapse. financial sanctions, trade embargos and people will not have tribavel or get a visa. they need to pay a penalty for orchestrating what is is going on. we should not go to the g-8 summit. we should be thrown out of the g-8. it should be the g-7. we need a path and a quick one for georgia and mulldova. both are occupied by russian troops and the russian keep moving the fence further and further into this sovereign territory of these countries. in an attempt to appease mr. putin, he abandoned missile stations in the czech and poland. we need to reinstate these. i am not counting on the european friends. there have been statements by murkle and leaking of a memor d memorandum from their government. we have seen a recession in european leadership over the last 10-20 years. we need to act. we need to speak up in favor of the people who are now being overtaken in crimea by vladimer putin's army and military. i worry, and in conclusion, i say, it is time we woke up about
, humanitarian and military. diplomatically, the international community must affirm ukraine in her interim government. i commend president obama and secretary kerry for their leadership. yesterday, the osce announced that 18 participating countries will send 35 unarmed military observers to ukraine. let them reveal the truth. countries with large ukrainian dies a practice, like our country, along with poland, canada, argentina, portugal, the united kingdom and kazakhstan, should have constructive means to help. the international community must make sure that election monitors are trained for the upcoming elections in ukraine on may 25. then, economically, the world community should proceed to work through ukraine's financial challenges. however, any financial assistance to ukraine should be contingent on repayment, and ukraine's new government must clearly at the fine performance standards and lay out a reasonable play to repay any foreign aid. it will require technical assistance, management expertise and loan personnel from governments throughout the world. in addition, the united states
to send international observers, and for russia and ukraine to hold direct talks. ukraine's interim prime minister arseny yatsenyuk said ministry level talks with russia have already begun. russian president vladimir putin said on tuesday that he's ready to use force in ukraine, if necessary, but he said no action is needed at this point. russia's leaders are turning up the financial pressure on their counterparts in ukraine. they say they'll no longer offer discounts on natural gas. putin struck a deal in december with then-president yanukovych. he offered to cut the price of gas by 30% by executives with russia's state controlled gas producer gazprom say they decided to cansing the contract from the beginning of next month. gazprom executives say they're canceling the discounts because ukraine owes the company money. they say the debts amount to about $2 billion. >>> chinese president xi jinping says he believes russian leaders can reach a political solution to the crisis. officials at china's foreign ministry say xi spoke with putin over the phone. the officials say xi described the de
for international observers in ukraine. the organization for security cooperation in europe said it would send 35 unarmed military personnel to ukraine at the same time. our own elise labott is traveling with the secretary of state. she is joining us from paris. elise, this is the third meeting these two men have held today. what's secretary kerry's main priority in dealing with sergey lavrov? >> reporter: that's right, wolf. they're just wrapping up their third meeting of the day, and now secretary kerry will be huddling with the french, the german, the british foreign ministers all in an effort to try and get some diplomatic process going. and deescalate the situation. his single sales objective for the russian foreign minister is to get him to sit down with the ukrainian foreign minister. as we know, the ukrainian foreign minister flew with secretary kerry to kiev last night, waiting all day, wants to sit down with the russian foreign minister, try and get some dialogue going. try and deescalate the situation. but so far, foreign minister lavrov is not biting, wolf. >> so we expect they will c
between russia and ukraine. a strong belief that russia's actions is violating international law. president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations, but i don't think that's fooling anybody. i think everybody recognizes that, although russia has legitimate interests and what happens in a neighboring state, that does not give it the right to use force as means of exerting influence inside of that state. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry will meet with russia's foreign minister in paris today. the diplomats aimed to reduce tension. earlier in kiev kerry offered ukraine loan guarantees. he also said the u.s. will hold russia responsible for escalation in ukraine. >> none of us want to escalate it becomes the kind of confrontation where people cannot find a reasonable path result and where as a you are stuck in a place that is hard to climb down from. >> market recovering from monday's selloff. it was the biggest loss in five years. the ruble dropped to a record low. non-russian companies with exposure to russia are still worried a
international observers should be deployed immediately in ukraine especially in eastern ukraine and the crimea. and this is what we've been talking about for the last day or two, international off ramp that the u.s. and other countries are trying to give to russia to address their concerns that they acknowledge are legitimate in ukraine, they acknowledge russia has a lot of interests particularly in the crimea. what they want is for russia to encourage international monday fors into crimea, into eastern ukraine to check out what's going on and that could be the basis for talks. the french, the uk, u.s. hoping to get sergei lavrov the russian foreign minister and ukrainian foreign minister in the same room this afternoon, twin hour to see if they could start to talk about a diplomatic process to spend escalation. >> all right. thank you. we'll take a quick break and be right back. from the race for the next breakthrough innovation that will push the economy forward... to preventing one more american child from wondering why their parent didn't come home... to international drug cartels and the
. on one side, europe. on the other, driven by vladimir putin. and in the middle, ukraine, crimea, and an international tug-of-war. abc's martha raddatz is traveling with the secretary of state. and she is standing by. and abc's chief foreign correspondent, terry moran, is also on the story tonight. starting us off with the latest on that crisis in ukraine. >> reporter: at belbek air base here this morning, ukrainian troops, unarmed, marched toward the russian guns. and as they marched, they sang their national anthem. [ singing ] confronting the russians who had seized control of their base, forward under the ukrainian flag they came. the russians yelled, then fired. warning shots. but the first shots fired here. negotiations and the ukrainians withdrew, heads held high. it was a day of high tension. russia testing an icbm, like this one. a scheduled launch. but still, a statement. >> mr. kerry, welcome to ukraine. >> thank you. >> reporter: in kiev, the ukrainian capital 500 miles away, secretary of state kerry walked the streets where scores of ukrainians died in protests last
as he got into the waiting car to head off .o the import the crisis in ukraine can only be sorted out by diplomatic means, essentially between russia and america. they took the chance to talk to his american member, john kerry. they were calling for the international support group. there was a lot of negotiating still to be done, and the americans are still using their biggest weapon, the threat of serious economic and political consequences. >> we will call for russia to speak with the government of ukraine to send troops back to to welcome and international observers and human rights monitors, and we have seen today what happened with the special envoy just how special it is to assure the safety of those monitors and observers. admitted this needs to be created, conditions of threats and ultimatums. it is difficult to have an honest agreement. the ground in ukraine, the tension is still extremely high. pro-russiann city, demonstrators stormed through the government buildings in the city. they had lost control of them a few hours earlier to forces loyal to the new, pro-western govern
, and what happens next in the international community. there are pro-european union elements in ukraine, there are pro-russian elements in ukraine. both of those sides i would wager, phil ittner over the course of the last few days and months have been vying for your attention and the world's attention? >> that's absolutely right, del. and that is the reason for caution. this is as much a propaganda war as it is the potential for a real armed conflict. so this acting government which knows it has to gain world opinion. it has to gain the upper hand in the propaganda war, they are quite likely to capitalize on a situation like that. i'm not saying that that happen. i'm simply saying what the foreign ministry said -- and this plays into position that the government would like to put out -- that these are russian troops. so kiev clearly keeping a very close eye on this, and clearly wanting to put out their version of events in order to gain that public opinion worldwide, del. >> thank you very much. please stand by. we're going to take a break. we're moments away from secretary of state jo
by the international community russia continues to violate ukraine's sovereignty and said torn integrity the masses have said political dialogue is the only way to alleviate the tensions. the event site threatening to disrupt the winter paralympics in sochi. the game so special to begin on friday night members of the ukraine's the paralympic committee say if the russians don't and their intervention. the ready to stage of boycotts committee members many tea and then posted the announcement on their website they agreed on a boycott if the russians don't back down by friday. many of the ukrainian athletes and russian relatives and friends sang committee members called on russian leaders to resolve the crisis peacefully the international paralympic committee says no country or territory has ever boycotted the winter or summer paralympics. the single again my kids supper for me and it's these developments. i think she enjoyed this now from ibiza says good morning i somehow our investors reacting to what's happening in ukraine which afternoon i remember on monday when investors sat down at their desks a
believes violates international law. our commitment to ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity according to international law. we condemn russian federation's act of aggression. somehow russia leaders invited intervention. not a single piece of credible evidence supports any one of these claims. none. russian president vladimir putin said tuesday ukraine's new government came to power as the result of a coup. he has vowed to protect russian's interests in ukraine. check out the surveillance photo. pushing a lot of machine ride out the front door of this lucky supermarkets. police say " birds broke into the store robbery saturday morning and went right for the scratcher vending machine money and tickets were take can it afford the machine was down the blocks away. there recover most of the stolen ticket but as a precaution the lottery has lacked the ticket numbers that were stolen all lottery tickets are traceable so if one of those seats has a winning ticket in tries to catch it lottery investigators will immediately know his or her location. reporting in fremont police your re
of losses. more generally in the international arena in order to get the people in the ukraine and assess the situation there. >> president obama has a plan that would include russia backing down and bringing in international monitors. any chance russia will go for that. >> no chance. vladimir putin is in for the long haul. this will not be like georgia where returnan troops came in. this is an unprovoked movement into a foreign country by the russian arm y. he's going to try to organise a referendum. it will be predictable. people will probably say they can't autonomy under the tutelage of the russian federation. i don't think president obama's plan for deescalation will come to fruition >> steven fish, thank you for joining us. >> also the protests in jens show now signs of letting up. paul beban joins us from caracas. tell us what it's been like? >> i got back from st. christobell and the situation is continues. this is the crewsible of it all, where the protest began a month ago after an alleged sexual assault on the university campus. there was a heavy handed crackdown. now, about th
for ukraine turning over their nuclear capabilities that russia would honor crimea being part of ukraine. their violation of international treaty which they had signed -- this is serious stuff. if he thinks it is an excuse to protect the russian citizens, what about estonia? poland? romania? these countries have russian speaking individuals. that is why hitler went into the native land, to protect the german citizens. position that if allowed to stand, will be a violation of everything we stood for in the way of territorial integrity and sovereignty nations. >> what do you think will stop him? >> right now i do not think there is much to be honest with you. first of all, we need to have a reevaluation of our relationship with russia. discard what has failed, with this feckless policy. i would renew the missile defense program in the czech wouldic and in poland i have some nato exercises with the baltic states. bill thatexpand a targets individuals who are responsible for this. there are other things we can do. the initial signals out of encouraging as far as sanctions are concerned. >> i
obama says russia's moves into ukraine could isolate it from its allies. he was responding to vladimir putin's statements that they reserve the right to protect russians in the crimea. >> there's a strong belief that russia's actions are violating international law. president vladimir putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations, but i don't think that's fooling anybody. i think everybody recognises that although russia has legitimate interests in what happens in the neighbouring state, it does not give it the right to use force as a means of exerting influence inside of that state. >> we believe that if we make a decision, if i make a decision to use armed forces, it will be legitimate. corresponding to the norms of international law because there was an appeal by the president of ukraine. and according to obligations and in this case it coincides with our interests to protect those people who we consider are closely linked to us. >> i think that this is not been a sign of strength, but rather is a reflection that country's near russia have
so, working with the international community to help stabilize the situation. and we have sent a clear message that we are prepared to work with anybody if their genuine interest is making sure that ukraine is able to govern itself. and as i indicated before, something that i think has not been emphasissed enough, they are currently scheduled to have elections in may. and everybody in the international community should be invested in making sure that the economic deterioration inside of the ukraine stops, but also that these elections proceed in a fair and freeway in which all ukrainians, including russian speakers inside of ukraine, are able to express their choice of who should lead them, and if we have a strong robust election, there should be no question as to whether the ukrainian people are governing themselves without the kinds of outside interference that we see russia observe. thank you very much. >> you've been listening to president obama addressing the crisis in ukraine. before he spoke, you heard from secretary of state john kerry, who is still speaking, i believe
to a shaky start, international officials taking stabs. russian foreign minister talked about ukraine in spain earlier today. nato members will meet with russian's ambassador a day after poland expressed fears the conflict could spread. there is increasing international pressure on russia to pull its troops from ukraine. the white house is reaching out to allies including germany. >> it was angela merkel who offered insight on the thinking of russian president saying vladimir putin was living "in another world." merkel has said very little publicly, and that appears to be by design. behind the scenes, white house sources say she is at the center of quiet diplomacy. russia and germany have strong economic ties. germany is the biggest importer of russian gas and oil, some coming through ukrainian pipe lines. russian supplies accounts for 36% of all german gas consumption. through the years, merkel and putin maintained a strong business like relationship. putin speaks flew yo fluent ger. the two seem to respect each other's toughness. as the cries unfolded, they have spoken several times
as members of the european union, as leading players in the international monetary fund to help the ukraine and in its hour of need. there are all sorts of steps the new ukrainian government to make in order to make it possible but if they can do that then wished we should stand by them in their hour of need. >> i welcome that let me say this finally. all of us recognize this is a delicate and dangerous moment of international security. it is a combination of diplomacy result in international community, and support for the ukraine government and ukrainian self-determination that is the best hope for securing and into this crisis. i can assure the prime minister the government will have our full support. >> i'm very grateful of what the right honorable showman has said this morning. just as we need to see tomorrow a voice of unity and clarity from the countries of the european union, not always easy to get -- 20 different nations around the table but it's also very welcome there is such a clear and unified voice went out from this house. to say to the russian government what you've done is w
proposal. send russian troops back to their barracks in crimea and limit numbers to a ukraine-mandated ceiling of 11,000. send in international monitors. the osce has military observers at the ready. this would pave the way for direct talks between kiev and moscow leading up to those ukrainian elections slated for may 25th. we start with nbc's ian williams in kiev to unpack all of this. ian, what can you tell us? >> reporter: hello. like you, we're waiting to hear from paris. waiting to hear what's been achieved if anything today. i guess the best we can hope for is that at least they've spoken. at least the meeting went on far longer than we thought. now there wasn't a lot of hope here in kiev when the making started. when it became clear that the russians wouldn't sit down with ukraine's own foreign minister who was there. also, just ahead of this meeting, sergei lavrov, the russian foreign minister, had flatly denied again that there are any russians troops in crimea. he said, "how can we pull them back? how can we stop an occupation when these are self-defense forces? thes
with the international community to address their concerns about the safety of russian citizens in ukraine. let's give russia the chance to make this better and deliver a clear message of consequences if they don't. this of course can't happen without the support of our european allies and as chairman of the foreign relations committee son europe i'll be on the phone this week with european parliamentarians urging them to join us in proposing new sanctions on the russian economy. i know there is hesitance in europe due to the integration of russia into the european economies, but this crisis should frankly matter more to europe than it matters to us. five years ago, it was a laughable proposition that russia would invade ukraine, but it's happening now, and it may be unthinkable today that russia in five years is going to move on a nato ally, but if this aggression goes unchecked, then the future can be very perilous, even for our friends in europe. finally, a word on the politics of this crisis. i've listened to some of my good friends on the republican side try to score political points in connectio
to put the economic squeeze on another country during an international dispute, what are the tools of the trade? or lack of trade? ukraine, russia, the u.s. and the european union on this inside story. >> hello, i'm ray suarez. in the bad 'ol days of the soviet union the country was known for the shoddiness of its manufactured goods. nobody wanted the second rate autos, appliances, ball point pens, shoes, but now the ussr is stuffed with things the world does want, aluminum, copper, natural gas. columnist tom friedman said president vladimir putin has turned his country into a mafi mafia-run petrol state. putin has made his country steadily relianc reliant on natl resources than human ones. why is that important to you? russian has decided to pick a fight with ukraine and supporters around the world, and how those supporters express their displeasure may effect russian economy with risks to its neighbors. >> reporter: global powers to the east and west discuss ways to prevent escalation after the weekend takeover. pro russian troops have taken over and russia said it's not their mi
but only on their bases in the region. international monitors would ensure ethnic russians in ukraine are protected. >>> it could be a bit of a letdown today after yesterday's blockbuster day on wall street. let's find out. jill wagner has all the latest from on wall street. >> reporter: good morning. stocks soared yesterday and erased monday's losses as tensions eased in ukraine. the s&p closed at a record high yesterday. the dow gained nearly 228 points. the nasdaq rose 74 points. >>> general motors has started an internal review of its recall of 1.6 million compact cars. last week gm doubled the number of cars it was recalling because of faulty ignitions. the defective switches have been linked to 13 deaths. the company admitted it knew about the problem a decade ago and has apologized for its slow response. >>> united airlines is cracking down on passengers with oversized carry-on bags. united workers at security checkpoints who spot passengers with oversized bags will be sending them back to the ticket counter. they will be charged $25 checked bag fee. united sa
a grand old time violating international law and watching the western powers kneel. today in ukraine secretary of state kerry put forth more rhetoric. >> the russian government, out of excuses, hiding its hand behind falsehoods, intimidation, provocations. hearts of ukrainians and the eyes of the world. there is nothing strong about what russia is doing. >> he has to read that kerry has to read that off the paper. talk from the heart mr. secretary. in way you have got to hand it to putin. he knows themep west is weak. he knows president obama will most likely not be able to rally the european nations against him. in short putin knows he can pretty much know what he wants to do and he is enjoying the speck cackle. a lot of attention on that narcissist. the north atlantic treaty organization nato is supposed to be the bull work against oppression. funds 22% of nato's military budget far more than any other nation. afghanistan supplying 68% of nato troops. without us nato does not exist. with us nato pretty much does not exist. because it's powerless. as european governments time after
back away from confronting illegal international behavior. i hate to use cliche but the ukraine situation same old same old. and putin knows it and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction, joining for reaction, fox news analyst charles krauthammer. where am i going wrong here, charles? >> i think you have got a right talking about individual nations. i wouldn't blame nato as an institution because nato has one purpose, to defend its own countries against soviet and now russian aggression and that it's never been challenged but it did succeed 50 years. the russians never crossed the line into berlin. they never crossed the line into germany. the problem for nato is when it acts out of area. meaning in afghanistan or ukraine. remember, the bush administration wanted to bring ukraine in to nato. so that would have triggered a nato response, the invasion that we are seeing now. but the europeans did not want to get involved in ukraine because they thought it was dangerous. so, they are very much unwilling to risk anything. however, i do think for the polls and the o
is already meddling in ukraine against international law. >> the facts on the ground indicate that right now he's not abiding by -- by that principle. >> reporter: putin says he has no immediate plans to use military force inside ukraine. a slight change in tone that triggered a regional sigh of relief. markets around the world rallied on the news, giving wall street its best day all year. but then a seemingly provocative move. russia fired an intercontinental ballistic missile. the white house called the launch routine and said advanced notice had been given but both sides have a history of rescheduling weapons tests when they could be publicly perceived as inflammatory. john and marci? >> devin dwyer, thank you. >>> opening statements presented today in new york in the trial of osama bin laden's son-in-law, sulaiman abu ghaith, now charged with conspireing to kill americans and support terrorists after the 9/11 attacks. as a matter of security, the jury hearing the case will remain anonymous. >>> a surprising revelation from former penn state football coach, mike mcqueary was ki witness in
for the situation we're in, we should be holding hands trying to get ukraine and get the international community out of this mess. >> one of the in my view more outlandish claims by some republicans is that obama is weak simply because he didn't go and bomb syria when he had the chance and emboldened putin to take the action he is doing now. i think that's pretty ridiculous. what is your reaction to that? >> i mean, we are still cleaning up the mess of iraq decade and a half later. and so, the notion that the only way that you can portray strength in the world is by invading and bombing other countries is ridiculous. the war in iraq and frankly the mismanagement of the war in afghanistan has cost this country dearly in terms of treasure, reputation an lives. i'm glad that we didn't militarily intervene in sir why and my constituents understanding there's a different power to be exercised around the globe, one that actually comes with economic diplomacy which is what we're going to do to try to move russia back off the precipice of crisis in ukraine, enact crippling sanctions on the russian governmen
, thank you. for more on the ukraine, i am byned from washington resident fellow on international security at the atlantic council, he focuses on nato, transatlantice crisis. welcome. thank you for your time today. west shouldthe serve a two-pronged approach by giving support to the ukraine on also by putting pressure russia. the u.s. pledged $1 billion to the ukraine. is that enough? >> a good start. we have seen the european union also pledging an additional $15 billion. it is a very good start. clear same time, it is the situation continues to not improve and that the united states and the european union will have to adopt sanctions against russia. >> you mentioned the eu. how imperative is it for the european union to at least match washington's package? >> it is very important. that they provide significant economic aid. pledged over two years. it is a significant sum. it is also important that money gets to the government very quickly so they can start implanting some of the reforms they need to do quickly. >> because implementation come you just heard mike kelly tell us the russian
a thousand kilometers away from ukraine. the crisis in crimea may have a real impact. the international community has given this man the job of trying to find peace in syria, but talks convened by veteran peacemaker have achieved nothing. getting both sides back around the table and persuading them, and in particular, the syrian government, to negotiate properly requires pressure from the u.s. and russia working together. that the doesn't look like it will happen. just like the peace talks, the deal to remove syria's chemical weapons was done by us secretary of state, john kerry and his russian counterpart, serge sergei lavrov. >> so much happened since this handshake took place at this spot six months ago. u.s.-russian relations are obviously at the worst point since the end of the cold war. the chemical weapons plan is not going to plan. the syrian government is behind schedule in getting the deadly agents out of the country. >> some believe the assad government may welcome the fact the world's attention has moved. >> i think he is dancing in damascus. he knows they have their hands f
more analysis of this outbreak is here on earth the international and right now we can to get more perspective from alexander of their tour is an expert on international law has been closely following developments in ukraine for us fr is regressing to much for joining us now what the action can we expect now from the european politicians evidence emerged that the sniper shooting up for testers were the same ones shooting at the police the lovely and state they will say is that it was they can they committed themselves to supporting this government i may be very difficult publicly for them to backtrack invested in mind that i need to listen to the cool kids like it caroline ashton was concerned. detroit i think a lot of people they'd be pretty worried because the hbo asking themselves who he says. in fact the we asked me to kiev. what exactly because that brings of my next question here about financial aid i think of the eu was drawn to financial aid promised ukraine. if the financial update has actually will materialize to anybody great degree heat we still missed a canny yesterday
in ukraine. as the ukrainian government prepares for elections in may, it's critical that the international community support their efforts to restore economic stability. i've spoken with ukrainian prime minister a number of times now and he's told me that his government is ready to adopt vital economic reforms. we've been working closely with the international partners and congress to develop an assistance package that will help the ukrainian government implement the reforms needed to restore financial stability and return to economic growth. the united states has developed a package of bilateral assistance focused on meeting ukraine's most pressing needs. this package will include a $1 billion loan guarantee and i.m.f. legislation which will support the i.m.f.'s capacity to lend additional resources to ukraine and help preserve continued u.s. leadership within its important institution at a critical time. while the united states will not increase our total financial commitment to the i.m.f. by approving the 2010 reforms, it is important to note that for every $is the united states contrib
of the statements saying in part, "united states, united kingdom, and ukraine agreed direct talks between ukraine and russia facilitated as needed by members of the international community are crucial to resolving the current situation." meantime, russian troops remain in firm control of ukraine's crimea peninsula, amid lingering fears they will not stop there. jim maceda joins us live from moscow with more on the diplomatic efforts under way. jim, what's the latest? >> reporter: hi, there, tamron, well, that meeting you referred to was indeed brief, kerry did urge lavrov to have direct talks. that seems to be an important theme now, unifying this swirl of activity. it was their first face-to-face since the ukraine crisis escalated. that is just one example of this, again, this flurry happening over the past 24 hours, tamron, the chances of avoiding war in ukraine seem to have gotten a boost from vladimir putin's comments. yesterday if you recall, he said he saw no need for the use of force in ukraine, had no desire to annex the crimean peninsula, and really that's a sigh of relief has been resin
don't know going battles in syria are more than a thousand kilometers away in ukraine. but the crisis in crimea may have a real impact on a war that is about to enter its third year. the international communities is given this man the job of finding piece in syria but talks may collect ibrahimi have achieved nothing. persuading them and in particular the syrian government to negotiate properly requires pressure from u.s. and russia working together. just like the peace talks the deal removed syria's memory weapons were done by u.s. secretary of state john kerry and his russian counterparts sergei lavrov. >> reporter: so much mass happened since that handshake took place. they are the relations are at their worse part at any time since the cold war. the syrian government is well behind schedule in getting those deadly agents out of the country. >> some believe the assad government may welcome the fact that world's attention has moved. >> i think president assad is dancing because they know that the u.n. community has their hands full with ukraine, and the pressure will be taken off his
ukraine. the crisis in crimea may have an impact on the war which is about to enter its third year. the international community has given this man the job of trying to find peace in syria. talks convened by veteran lakhdar brahimi achieved nothing. getting both sides back around the table and persuading them and the syrian government to negotiate properly requires pressure from the u.s. and russia working together. that doesn't look likely now. just like the peace talks, the deal to remove syria's chemical weapons was done by u.s. secretary of state john kerry, and his russian counter part sergei lavrov. >> so much has happened since the handshake took place at that spot. u.s.-russian relations are at their worst points since any time since the end of the cold war. the chemical weapons deal is not going to plan. the syrian government is behind schedule in getting the deadly agents out of the country. some believe the bashar al-assad government welcomes the fact that the world's attention moves. >> i think bashar al-assad moves. it knows that the united states has its hands full wit
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